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Synthetic Chemist / R & D Chemist
Job Description:
1. To formulate and implement experimental plan timely according to the given literature and project requirements;
2. To complete the chemical reaction expertly and make a comprehensive analysis of the result. Complete the research project with certain difficulty with the help of the lab supervisor;
3. To provide on-time feedback and reports, complete the given project efficiently;
4. To complete the experiment record, write the experiment reports clearly and completely.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree in Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Fine Chemistry or related major. More than 1 year work experience in organic synthesis is preferred;
2. Strong practical ability, familiar with various unit operations, familiar with the operation of basic laboratory equipments and instruments;
3. Able to read and understand English literature, complete series multi-step organic reaction independently;
4. Love organic synthesis, strong learning and working ability;
5. Strong responsibility, good communication skills, with team spirit;
6. Good safety awareness.

Pharmaceutical analyst
Job Description:
1. Responsible for the quality research of projects, to design and implement stability test of samples;
2. To summarize and analyze test data, responsible for writing relevant registration information;
3. Responsible for the management of lab affairs,monitor project progress, solve problems in the project, cooperate with department supervisor and other department actively;
4. To write analytical laboratory report, technical communication with R&D manager.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in pharmaceutical analysis, analytical chemistry or organic chemistry, At least 2 years of R&D experience in pharmaceutical field;
2. The capacity of promoting projects;
3. Able to lead the R&D team and lead the research of new drug project;
4. Fluent oral English and writing skills, has industry information analysis ability
5. Honesty and integrity,has good professional ethics and teamwork spirit, excellent leadership and coordination skills.

Formulation Chemist
Job Description:
1. Responsible for the selection and design of drug preparation, independently carry out and complete related experiments, write the registration information independently;
2. To realize the transformation of preparation technology from lab scale to pilot and industrialization.
3. To develop a reasonable preparation research program, which can be used in industrial production.
4. Assist with new drug approval and production etc.

Job Requirements:
1. Pharmaceutical preparations or other related major, Master degree or above.
2. Min 2 years experience of pharmaceutical preparation or production, familiar with the register files writing.
3. Project operating capacity, have operational experience with new process and equipment of formulation;
4. CET-6, good at English, proficiency with office software;
5. Good communication skills and team spirit.

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