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Message from CEO

Welcome to CGeneTech, a leading drug discovery company that develops novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of unmet medical needs.

At CGeneTech, we are committed to investigate a broad range of diseases. Our technology platform has been designed to quickly and cost-effectively generate new leads and drugs, so that we can manage the cost of the research and discovery of new therapies. This cost-containment should allow us to pass cost savings onto our patients, while maintaining desired margins. This approach is achieved through the independent discovery, development and eventual commercialization of our own products, combined with extensive partnerships to develop and commercialize discoveries in areas in which our partners have special expertise and interests.

At CGeneTech, we believe in balance; balance between top-line growth and bottom-line cost management; between large and small market opportunities; and finally between the development and commercialization of CGeneTech 's own carefully selected products and the development and commercialization of selected products by its partners, sharing in both the risks and rewards. 

In looking to the future, we are conscious of not only the rewards, but also the risks of drug discovery and development. With this in mind, we have structured our business to enable sustained revenues, thus minimizing some of the inherent risks in the biotech and biopharmaceutical business. We have grown our company carefully to ensure a strong foundation, aware of the need to maintain high growth potential while building a revenue-generating business. To that end, we believe that our unwavering focus on drugs, a proven approach for marketed drugs, enables us to address large potential markets.

We also believe in building a corporate environment that endorses, supports, and rewards high scientific and ethical standards. In order to sustain these high standards, we are recruiting, training, and nurturing the finest scientific and professional personnel available in the pharmaceutical industry. With the highest standards and the best people, we expect to build a company that is recognized by regulatory agencies, academic institutions, and other pharmaceutical companies for its quality, efficiency and expertise. 

The corporate environment we have created and continue to nurture is accelerating our Company toward this ultimate goal.

We are excited about the progress we have made to date, and look forward to keeping you updated on our future developments! 

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