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Company Profile

CGeneTech (Suzhou, China) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech pharmaceutical company devoted to the development, production and marketing of small molecular innovative drugs. CGeneTech was founded in 2010 by a specialist of National major talent introduction project, Dr.John Yu and is located at BioBAY in Suzhou Industrial Park.

The company houses a 1,000+ square meter research and development laboratory and a streamlined management system for drug discovery and development. Since its inception, the company has been awarded two patents, including Cetagliptin Phosphate, and applied for numerous more. Cetagliptin Phosphate is a class 1.1 novel anti-diabetic agent that was included in the “Significant New Drug Creation” of the National 12th and 13th Five-Year Plans. It was also selected as an innovative drug to receive support at the national level. Pre-clinical research shows the main specifications and benefits of long-term use of Cetagliptin Phosphate are significantly superior to its leading alternative, Sitagliptin. As a result, Cetagliptin Phosphate was licensed for clinical study by the China Food and Drug Administration in 2017.

CGenetech was also awarded the “Suzhou Engineering Center” distinction with its “Orally Disintegrating Preparation” technique. A special new drug preparation project, which was demonstrated using Asenapine Maleate, was developed on this platform. More and more Class 2 new drugs will be developed on this platform in the future. Our company further takes advantage of our technology to actively provide research and development services, achieving over $2 million in annual revenue. The strategic initiative of the company's survival and development has been achieved. The company has received several clinical trial approvals for Class 3 drugs, including Teriflunomide, Vortioxetine Hydrobromide and Belinostat. Moreover, the company receives vigorous support and full recognition from the Industrial park, the city of Suzhou and Jiangsu province. It receives financial support from venture captials, which provides a solid financial guarantee for the company's new drug development projects.

Most executive team members have successful prior entrepreneurial experience and are capable of challenging work. With innovative pharmaceutical ideas, leading technology and practical business plans, CGeneTech will achieve its goal of becoming a domestic drug R&D leader in the future.

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